Master Recorder


Arthur Stanley


City Apartment

Imagine open living spaces immersed in natural light. A contemporary take on design that embraces clean lines. Enter this city apartment to discover just that. A total renovation of a 3 bedroom and 4.5 bath resulting in a covetable residence.

A stunning view serves as the living room backdrop where a contrasting mixture of high-end furnishings inherently spark conversation across dual glass coffee tables. Natural light continuously flows across the room changing the mood as the day progresses. Neutral fabrics create a clean palette for the artwork to make a statement, while the interiors reflect the appreciation and knowledge of architectural elements. The living room’s recessed ceiling and inlaid lighting create an elegant inset glow for an intimate setting.

The heart of this apartment centers around the contemporary open kitchen and dining, designed with calacatta marble and oak wood floors. Cabinetry seamlessly blends in allowing the dining area to become a focal point. Mexican artwork is proudly displayed above the dining table with seating that creates an elegant rhythm across the room. The custom-made white gemstone crystal chandelier evokes a sense of formality for special moments. Ornate carved Carrara marble in the power room is intricately paired with white oak walls. Casual and simple, the work space leading to the private bedrooms incorporates the same wood blending the color palettes from the rest of the interiors in a chic manner.

A serene mood is felt upon entering the master bedroom where the design is anchored by white oak wooden panels playing off the room’s natural color palette. Chaise lounges at the foot of the bed offer a space to casually relax and to appreciate the city scape. Elegant design continues into the bedrooms where you find a serene blue and white room, a double bed suite with mixed prints accentuated by pop art and lastly a bedroom that offers hints of tangerine decor for a youthful feel.