Born in Mexico City, Tamara Feldman was naturally influenced by its vibrant architecture, multifaceted culture, and deep-rooted history. In nearby Valle de Bravo, her mother built a home immersed into the landscape and its zero limits to creativity strongly informed her career path, while her artist grandmother, whose soulful paintings were defined by the way she masterfully captured intricate details like the delicate embroidery of a tablecloth, has had an equally profound impact. Art came very naturally to Tamara, a lifelong painter herself.

Today, that unique upbringing, combined with her time living and studying in Tokyo, shape all of Tamara’s work. Her interiors organically meld the structure and clean lines of Japanese design with the warmth and layers upon layers of natural materials that populate Mexican aesthetics.

At the helm of her own design studio since 2011, Tamara’s projects have been recognized by national and international publications. Collaborating with a wide range of residential and commercial clients, Tamara conceived a breathtaking aerie for one of Miami’s leading art collectors, and is currently at work on an exciting new commission within one of the city’s leading art institutions.